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North American F-86E/F Sabre: Clickspots and Mouseover Areas

Instrument Panel Reference
Throttle Console
Oxygen Regulator Panel
VHF Receivers & IFF/SIF Control Panels
Radio Compass Control Panel
Fuel Tank System

IMPORTANT: All information is inteded for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator only and not for real aviation. It is also strongly recommended that read the Flight Manual and Checklist before your first flight.

Instrument Panel (VC)

VC Forward LeftVC Control StickVC Right Side

  1. Virtual Cockpit - Normal Trim Switch: Elevator trim range is between -12° (nose down) and +12° (nose up). In the 2D-Panel, the Longitudinal Trim Switch on the left side console is used for pitch trim (See SECTION B of the Flight Manual).

  2. Virtual Cockpit - Remove Control Stick Switch: Click the switch to make the control stick in the Virtual Cockpit visible or invisible. Use for better readability of instruments located behind the control stick.

  3. Virtual Cockpit - Gear Horn Cut-out Button: Gear warning horn activates with idle power without undercarriage down. This button may be used to silence the horn during a descent from high altitude when a power setting below 70% RPM is required.

  4. Virtual Cockpit - Pitot Heater Switch: This switch is difficult to spot in normal view. Use keyboard commands Shift-Return and Shift-Backspace to set panel view up/down).

  5. Virtual Cockpit - Instrument Panel Lights Control Switch: Turns cockpit lights on/off (for operating this switch use keyboard commands Shift-Return and Shift-Backspace to set panel view up/down). For the Instrument Panel Lights Control Switch in 2D-Panel, refer to SECTION E.

Instrument Panel (2D):

Some mouse areas are also available in the virtual cockpit

Left Side Popup Panels (2D):

Throttle ConsoleOxygen Regulator Panel

Note: The Speed Brake Emergency Lever does not have a mouse area. Use keyboard command (hit "/") or operate in VC-Cockpit.

Right Side Popup Panels (2D):

IFF/SIF Control PanelsRadio Compass Control

Airplane Status Window:

Status Popup Window

Mouse areas may differ and toggle different functions dependent to the status page which is currently selected.
CAUTION: Mouse-clicking the entry Throttle calibration (page 2) allows to activate or deactivate your joystick/yoke (see Throttle in SECTION B of the Flight Manual). Please be careful to not inadvertently deactivate your joystick.

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