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Title: Just a quick Thank You!
Post by: McGoose on January 18, 2010, 03:17:36 PM
Hello folks,

just wanted to say Thank You for this brilliant plane!  :)

I fell over one of the older FlightXPress magazines (german) the other day and found an article reviewing and praising your Sabre for FS9.

So I downloaded it here including the brilliant FSX patch (even converting textures to DDS) and what can I say.... what a beauty!
This plane puts quite a lot of payware creations to shame! What a nice VC and pretty and detailed liveries.
You can't avoid feeling that the creators just love the Sabre and that they put their heart into it!

Also, I reinstalled FS9 for a short check, and it looks even better with all the effects and without the usual FSX SP2 issues.
It lines up perfectly with my favourite MAAM add-ons (oh, how I miss them in FSX...).

Anyway, thanks a million for this lovely plane and the FSX coversion (it's good to not any prop issues here  ;))
Now I just need to find some thumbnails for it...

Title: Re: Just a quick Thank You!
Post by: Hansi on January 20, 2010, 10:33:53 PM
Hello Tom,

welcome here!  :)

Thanks for your nice words. We're glad you like it!