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SF8 Sabre Repaints / Yet another couple of new Liveries
« on: January 21, 2011, 02:52:55 PM »
Hi Good People,

Long time between repaints for this girl but recently had a couple of requests for some repaints.

This one was another basic ANG livery:

This one is for a historically famous aircraft - Canadian Boomerang - did a run from coast to coast in one day in 1955:

If you want to have a play with them then you will find them on my F86-SectionF8 Page on my site:

While your there feel free to check out the other liveries for the SectionF8 Sabre and tons of other liveries and things for other aircraft.

Regards and happy simming to all.

SF8 Sabre Repaints / Couple of new Liveries
« on: March 05, 2010, 10:39:49 PM »
Hi Good People,

Long time since my last post - sorry.

Have been working on a scenery package for KMHV/Mojave Air & Space Port over the last couple of months - in amongst all of the incredible aircraft at this airport I discovered that there were quite a few F86's used there, as well as one still flying from there I believe.  Could not resist having a go at a couple of them.

The first was a fairly historical livery (though a bit plain) - a Flight Systems Inc. Developed into a Remote Controlled aircraft

And an Aircraft that I believe is still stationed there.

Notice the background - just part of the scenery package I am developing - 31 special AI Aircraft, 6 Different Flying Models - Several specially modelled objects, Rotary Rocket, Rotary Rocket Hangars, Old Control Tower etc.  Over 2000 individually placed items - including some bits of photoreal areas.  Been at it for a couple of months now - but almost finished.

Anyway I digress - the two new liveries are now available on my SectionF8 Sabre page over at - hit the Catalogue button to navigate to the F86 SectionF8 Page.  And away you go
- over 30 liveries to choose from.

Regards and happy Simming

SF8 Sabre Repaints / Over 30 Repaints Available
« on: December 27, 2009, 11:17:52 AM »
Hi SectionF8 Fans,

As the forum has restarted I thought I would let new and old visitors know that I have over 30 unique FREE repaints available for this excellent aircraft.


Just one sample:

While your at my site - check out the catalogue and have a look at the many hundreds of other FREE textures.

Hope you enjoy all of the stuff available there.

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