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Announcements / Re: Section F8 Installer
« on: June 28, 2010, 04:00:35 AM »
   ;D ;D

cviper107   :)  :)

sectionf8 F-86E/F is like a good is hard to put it down! I honestly, have not gotten so much pleasure/fun from any Sim that I have/had.....and, I have tried and discarded many over the years! None have measured up to the quality and performance of this one. The realism and accuracy is unbelievable.....A couple of days ago I absent-mindedly put the L/G down above the max gear ops. speed.....sure enough, it jammed half-way down. I sure like this airplane.....thanks for letting me fly it!

I do have one minor gripe?.....Is there any thing can be done to control 'Throttle Creep'? No matter how carefully I set the power the RPM is likely to move up-or-down, and It is not practical to stare at it, especially, in the traffic pattern or on an instrument approach. This is not a 'normal' condition..... In the real world, the Power/RPM is governor controlled, and should stay where you set it.    Regards,   jernie

Announcements / Re: Section F8 Installer
« on: June 21, 2010, 03:58:32 AM »
 :)  :)  :) cviper107

Yesterday I discovered your 'New Section F8 F-86
Sabre Installer'.  Download and install went smoothly and quickly with very little effort on my part.....the files were easy to locate and use.....a definite plus for someone with my limited knowledge of computers. The airplane documents were complete, concise and very readable; everything is there to help me to safely and efficiently fly the airplane.....just as I would expect with a real-world F-86. The airplane is a joy to fly, altho I will admit to using the 'non-standard autopilot' quite a bit, until I get the 'feel' of the airplane.?

I am amazed at the amount of 'workable' functions and data, 'click spots' etc., in the cockpit area without mutual interference. The 'engine start-up' works great.  The displayed data is accurate.

I am now enjoying the 'Fruits of Your Labor'. Many thanks for the opportunity! 

Announcements / Re: Section F8 Installer
« on: June 15, 2010, 07:06:42 PM »
 ??? This is too complicated for me! I'm not a computer expert.....I know enough to get by, with a little help. Airplanes I am familiar with, having been in aviation most of my life, but my knowledge of computer jargon and procedures is very limited! I can install from a CD/DVD because it is usually automatic and straightforward and I can follow the instructions to its ultimate conclusion! The end result is what I am interested in.....not the trip there.

You have spent countless hours developing and programing an outstanding product.....I know because I had your FS9 version before switching to FSX, and was looking forward to the FSX version. But, if I can't install the program because I can't figure out how to get there, all of your time and efforts have been for nothing!     Regards..............jernie.

Announcements / Re: Section F8 Installer
« on: June 13, 2010, 11:15:28 PM »
How do I open my Sectionf8 Installer I downloaded from Megaupload?
After completing the download I got the 'Windows cannot open this file without knowing what program created it!' message. I assumed that it was a 'Zipped' file! Now the file is locked in the 'Win-Zip folder', and I cannot retrieve it.
Afterwards I noticed the file is '.RAR' file. I am not familiar with that.....please explain.
I appologise for the confusion.....I am not a computer expert.



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