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« on: August 10, 2010, 06:54:00 PM »
i almost wanted to call this WOW, part 3, but i will refrain. i have been flying every day, and am still amazed. i do have a couple of questions. i was looking in an earlier post and someone was asking about the gun system not working. i did try it (after taxiing to a secluded part of the airfield :) and activated the system, and nothing happened. not a big deal at all. at least for me, but is there a fix? or a hidden switch i havent found? what i am really interested in is ACM. i am currently going thru the basics. i am doing alot of cross-country flight. i am using patrick afb as my home base, and at the moment flying to hill afb. the radio and compass systems are amazing. i love it. fuel management is also something i have been paying alot of attention to. i doubt i will ever have the chance to fly a real f-86, but this is as close as i think you can get. again, what a great job your team has done. i was wondering if there is a website out there that has some info on i have looked a little, but really havent found what i am looking for. something that goes in-depth as far as say...what the real world fighter-pilots are taught. does that make any sense? im sure if i hunt, i can pick from here and there, but i wanted to ask if maybe anyone knew of a place to shopping, so to speak. i spent hours doing pattern flights...ok, im still in cessna mode, i guess..i have yet to greese a landing, but i am getting there. there is so much to watch. i know most of the other ac designers strive for the detail in the little things, but as im sure you know, you have surpassed them all. at least to me. the more attention to detail, the better. and so, for that reason, i am looking to come as close to actual fighter/combat flying as i can. thats what this plane was made to do. im not looking to be a thunderbird, and as long as i have been flying, i dont do alot of multi-player flight. i should give it another try now that i have this plane, but i want to take the time and learn as much as i can about flying this beautiful ac before i do. ok...again, great job! thanks for any help you can give me. i have had no problems what-so-ever with any of the things that some of the other people in the forums have asked issues, missing this or that. everything has worked great. now i am ready to really sit down and learn. thanks again!
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