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« on: August 10, 2010, 07:05:00 PM »
and its not just the realism, its the LOOK. the cockpit is just great to look at. i was zooming in on the landing gear, cockpit instruments from outside view...i mean the detail is incredible. maybe there are other aircraft out there in the sim world that are just as good. i havent found any. this sim just makes you FEEL like you are in there. the sounds, the look, everything. i know im a little late in discovering the f-86 from you guys, so you have probably heard alot of this already. alot of the comments i have read, say the same things. so being new to this, bare with me. i am starting to feel guilty for flying in fs9. i have fsx, but even with a newer pc, i cant run it full it throttle and enjoy the smoothness that i have with fs9. i am happy with it, but this plane needs better. and from what i have read online, alot of sim-pilots feel the same. fs9 is just better. going flying. thanks again!
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