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F-86 SABRE FEATURES: Photoreal textures inside and out • Fully animated and authentic looking pilot figure • Authentic start-up procedure including power-cart • Fully functional 2D panel and Virtual Cockpit • Removable stick in Virtual Cockpit • Most switches and handles work in 2D panel and VC • Optional full IFR capable instrumentation • Full working and authentic looking radio stack in 2D panel and VC • Extensive check list and aircraft status windows • Droppable fuel tanks • Dynamic engine damage and flame-out simulation • Aircraft roll rate and agility depending on speed and altitude of the aircraft • Automatic wing slat operation depending on speed and attitude of the aircraft • Working ( or not working, depending on the skill of the pilot ) hydraulics system • Working guns with muzzle flash and tracer bullets effects • Extended soundsuite including brake and tire-scrub sounds • Special FX suite including, heat shimmer fx, 3 stage exhaust flame fx, and typical J-47 smoke trail • Parked mode with wheel chocks and fluttering RBF flags, in and outlet covers, pilot flightgear on wing and more ...
New and returning Sabre pilots please note ...
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The F-86E/F Sabre 'slatted wing' version, is our first of an ongoing series of highly detailed F-86 Sabre models for FS9 (and eventually for FSX) developed by SECTION F8, a new Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on development team dedicated to the venerable North American F-86 Sabre.

Because flight characteristics and systems have been so accurately reproduced, a pilot's flight manual and check list are provided. For a more rewarding and realistic F-86 experience, we strongly recommend that you read the manual and other important reference materials before taking your first flight.

If you have not already done so, you can download our freeware F-86 Sabre Base Pack, a recent Service Pack, or a Skins Package here. For questions, comments, or support, please visit our Forums.

Scheduled for future development will be the F-86A version and hard wing variants of the E and F models and the CAC CA-26/27 Sabres. We also hope to produce the all weather 'radar' variant F-86D 'Sabre Dog' and its K and L derivatives, as well as the F-86H. We love the sea, and aircraft carriers too. So we wont forget the ole FJ-2 Fury either.

The Section F8 team is pleased to be the recipient of the Avsim Freeware Gold Award. You can read the full review on our first F-86 Sabre here.

Watch this truely amazing video below created by Eddy van Gelder featuring our F-86 Sabre in action from start-up to touch down in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/FS9.

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